Real Estate Industry Problem Mortgage Fraud

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Mortgage fraud may continue to plague the real estate industry. Maybe, I am seeing only the 20% Fraud for Property/Housing, as defined by The Federal Bureau of Investigations. Reasons why mortgage fraud may continue: 1) The escalating cost of housing and the “American Dream” of owning your own home. 2) Licensing for real estate agents […]

Dental Assistant Licensing Requirements

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Licensing Requirements for Dental Assistants vary by state. In some states you don’t even have to be licensed, only show that you have completed a Dental Assistant course of on the job training. If your particular state offers a licensing option, it is to your advantage to obtain licensing as you will have a better […]

The Road To Becoming A Licensed Engineer

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Licensing is necessary for an engineer to prove they maintain the expected level of professional competency. A degree alone is not enough. Practicing as an engineer involves important safety and public health issues. For this reason, licensing is required as proof that the individual understands the concepts, their applications and the code of ethics behind […]