Hypnosis Quit Smoking Techniques

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It is very easy to start smoking but it is an uphill task to quit it. Ask any chain smoker or even a person who smokes just a few cigarettes everyday. Usually a person can stop smoking for a couple of days, then the urge to smoke is so strong that one makes all kinds […]

Hypnosis And Nlp In The Management Of Pain

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Pain can be defined quite simply as a symptom of some physical hurt or disorder, an affliction or an emotional distress. Mild pain can be treated in many ways … over the counter drugs and balms. But what if the pain is chronic and unbearable? Well we get prescription drugs. Most of the drugs work […]

Benjamin Franklin S Method Of Habit Formation

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Benjamin Franklin, inventor, statesman, writer, publisher and economist relates in his autobiography that early in his life he decided to focus on arriving at moral perfection. He made a list of 13 virtues, assigning a page to each. Under each virtue he wrote a summary that gave it fuller meaning. Then he practiced each one […]

Motivation And Your Personal Vision An Unbeatable Force

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Motivation can take you far, but it can take you even further if you first find your vision. Your vision will motivate and guide you on your journey to success and personal fullfillment. Trying to succeed at anything without first having a clear vision of what it is you want to accomplish will only lead […]

Start With A Baseline

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Making changes in your life is great and it is the way we grow and develop as people. Change is a constant process and part of being human. When you embark on changing anything in your life you have to start from where you are. Until you know where that is it would be difficult […]

Are You Struggling In Life

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Do you recognise the following. You’ve a partner, a lovely child and most things aren’t running smoothly these days. You’re not feeling down or depressed but you’re quickly irritated, a bit tensed and anxious. Your spouse feels that situation and talks with you about it. You wave the problems away telling they don’t exists. At […]

Kindness And Motivation Tips Challenge Groups To Make A Difference

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Kindness and Motivation Tips Challenge Groups to Make A Difference Do you belong to a group that helps make a difference in people’s lives? Does your group struggle to find ways to help others? Tired of the same old Bake Sale-Car Wash routine? Below are five ideas your group can use to make a difference. […]

Why Re Invent The Light Bulb

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Have you ever had a problem with a burned light? Thanks to the effort of Thomas Edison we no longer need to invent a light bulb. We just go to the store or our cupboard and pull one out and screw it in. Voila! Light! I am sure you realize that it took Thomas Edison […]

Hypnosis 6 Secret Tips To Stay Young Forever

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We all live in an age that belongs to the young at heart. Life that is becoming extremely fast, day to day, also asks us to remain physically young. Young at heart, young in mind and young in your body has become the principle of survival. Yet our age increases with every day of our […]

Hypnosis 12 Steps To Acquire Mind Power

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The 12 steps to acquire mind-power is intended to build positive visuals, acquire mind power and help you achieve your dreams and desires that may be as varied as improving your personality, increasing your wealth, attracting love and making yourself attractive. Follow these steps I have specifically found to help anyone who is new to […]

Mind Power The Ultimate Success Formula

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What does it take to be successful? Ask around and you will find different answers to the formula of success. The truth is, success leaves clues and you can achieve the success in the area you desire by observing the common qualities and principles. They are simple and considered to be common sense but most […]

Fear Of Driving And Automatic Negative Thoughts

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The fear of driving is often complicated, if not caused by, the individuals’ automatic negative thoughts. These thoughts can be scary and irrational, such as the concern that they will veer into oncoming traffic or drive off a bridge, or they may be centered on the person’s physical feelings of anxiety such as a rapid […]

Motivational Sayings Ten Great Ones

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Why read motivational sayings? For motivation! You might need a bit, if you can use last year’s list of goals this year because it’s as good as new. All of us can benefit from inspirational thoughts, so here are ten great ones. “Be more concerned with your character than with your reputation. Your character is […]

Yes You Can

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If you are an entrepreneur, you know that your success cannot depend on the opinions of others. Like the wind, opinions change…like the weather, opinions change frequently. To succeed at any endeavor, you must stay the course…no matter what the cost! Here are some surefire tips to help you on your journey. 1. Avoid Negativity. […]

Know Yourself Your Inner Power

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I am upset. At this moment, as I sit here typing this up, I am truly upset. Something happened a little while ago. I got into an argument and I am now reaping the results of that. It’s a true bounty of results, I can tell you. Let’s see…anger, frustration, shame, disgust…then more anger and […]

29 Motivational Quotes For Business And Other Work Environments

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Some days a motivational quote can provide a quick pick-me-up for employees and even management. They can be a breath of fresh air when it comes to a drab afternoon. These are also a great way to jazz up a newsletter or a memo or even to simply print and attach to a bulletin board. […]

Replace The Negatives In Your Life With Positives And Move Your Life Ahead

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If you want to move your life ahead, you should replace the negatives in your life with positives. This article will show you how to take the negative influences in your life away and replace them with positives, so you will have increases in morale, and productivity. Focus on the positive for success and peak […]

A Motivation Theory To Try Right Now

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A good motivation theory has to recognize the fact that we each get motivated differently. In the practice of neuro-linguistic programming or “NLP” this is taken into account in many ways. One of the more useful NLP theories is the concept of “away-from” and “towards” personalities. Of course, we each have both modes of operation […]

Job Dream

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Have you changed? Your job started out being what you wanted, but today it is different. Maybe you thought of it as a jumping place to a better job in the future, but you have been here 5 plus years. it is a fact that your dream job is waiting on you, so don’t continue […]