The Indispensable Qualities Of Professional Copywriter

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Whatever industry you operate in and whatever web site you have, it indispensable that the content on your web site is written easy-to read, appealing and attractive style. Your potential customers will visit your web site and judge both you and your company by the information presented on your web site. It might be enough […]

Web Copywriting

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Within this article on Web copywriting, we will look at copywriting in general and how to succeed in this particular niche of copywriting. Copywriting is a growing field but some of the greatest growth is coming in the niche of Web copywriting. There is a great deal of demand for Web copywriting today as more […]

What Seo Copywriting Is And Isn T

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I’ve been frustrated lately. It seems people just don’t get it. There’s lots of talk about SEO copywriting these days, but hardly any of it is on target. The majority of the conversations, posts and articles I’ve seen deal with topics like keyword density, allowable limits, over optimization and such. These people are making search […]

How To Choose A Professional Copywriter

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You already know that professional copywriting is worth its weight in gold. You know that a good copywriter can help both to drive traffic to your website, and to keep it there once it arrives. What you don’t know is how to find that copywriter. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The problem with copywriting is […]

Choosing A Great Copywriter

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No two copywriters are the same. So how do you know you’re getting the best writer for the job? Unless you know what to look for, choosing your copywriter can be a bit of a lottery. The truth is, copywriters range from the great to the not-so-great. Just like any other profession, there are high […]

6 Reasons Why Case Studies Are A Terrific Market For Freelance Writers

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I remember the first time a client offered me a case study writing assignment. I was petrified. It was early in my freelance writing career and I didn’t even know what one looked like. I had a lot of questions. “What the heck is a case study?” “How long is it?” “What is the format?” […]

Learning Copywriting

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If you are a good writer, you should be able to pick up copywriting. The key behind copywriting is that you must understand that you’re writing in a different style and to a different audience. A good quote that will be used to start this article comes from the book The Copywriter’s Handbook, A Step-By-Step […]

The Secret Power Of Words

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If the best way of communicating with prospects and existing customers was through sign language, we’d all have to learn to sign. Or if the best method of communication proved to be some kind of mutually understandable code, we’d all have to learn that code in order to say anything. Thankfully, our communication process is […]

Unimaginable Power Of The Content Most Sacred Secretes Of Effective Copywriting Revealed

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Few of the web site owners do not understand the importance of well-written and well-optimized content. The demand on experienced and skilled copywriter, whether he specializes in the web site copywriting, offline or internet copywriting, is constantly rising. However, how could one define experienced and highly- skilled copywriter? What skills and experience should he possess […]

The One Word Every Prospect Craves

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It’s arguably the most important word in the copywriter’s arsenal. It ranks right at the top with words like “free,” “new” and “savings.” I’m talking about “you.” “You” is the word that gets your prospect’s attention and keeps them involved. As Herschell Gordon Lewis says in The Art of Writing Copy, “Unless the reader regards […]

Should You Write A Long Copy Ad Or Keep It Short

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Okay, you’re ready to write the ad of a lifetime. The one that will pull like crazy and leave them begging for your product like Somalians for food. So, do you whet their appetite with a short and sweet ad? Or write a long-copy ad that’s stuffed with information? The 80-20 rule says 80% of […]

Sales Letters That Sell

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The average consumer is inundated with sales pitches. So if you’re selling a product or service to today’s ad weary consumer, if you want your sales letters to get results, you’ll need a step-by-step plan that breaks down the barriers to buying. A plan that bypasses the head and goes right for the heart. If […]

Internet Copywriting Make Your Offer Irresistible

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Want to increase your online sales? Make sure your offer is one they can’t pass up! Any offer you make through your Internet copywriting needs to be worth the readers’ time. Time is valuable and there is no bigger waste of time – for you as the creator or for your reader – than a […]

Copywriting Tips

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Within this article today on copywriting tips, we’ll look at how you can acquire more clients as well as improve your writing skills. Improving these two skills will allow you to have a meteoric rise in the income that you bring in. Many copywriters are very strong in their profession but are not very good […]

8 Strategies To Catapult Your Copywriting Skills To The Next Level

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I am about to share with you 8 quick ideas and suggestions to dramatically help you improve your copywriting skills as you get going. You can use these tips when it comes to creating offers, E-mails and sales letters that grab people’s attention. So without further ado, here they are! Number one: Always write your […]

Copywriting Basics Answer The Questions You D Want Answered

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Anyone can write effective Internet copy. You just have to know a few copywriting basics known to journalists and writers as the 5 W’s. Throw one “H” in there and all your copywriting basics are covered. Who? Tell the reader who your product will help. This should be your target market. What? Tell your reader […]