Table Tennis Products From Stiga

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Table tennis is very popular sport. It is not only played locally but in different countries as well given that the event is featured in the World Championships and the Olympics.

Those who want to actively participate in this sport should have the proper equipment for the job. One brand that has been there for more than 60 years is Stiga, which is a table tennis manufacturer based in Sweden.

The first thing that a beginner will need is a paddle. The customer can buy the set from this manufacturer or get it separately. There are various levels of equipment available from someone who just wants to play for fun or competitively. This means that a faster and lighter paddle ideal for competitions will cost a little more.

The individual cannot play without a few balls. The smallest pack that anyone can get from Stiga contains 6 pieces in a box. This is available in two colors namely white and orange. These are also available in 72 and 100 pieces, which can be used by anyone regardless of the player’s skill level.

Those who want to practice the game at home can get the net and the table from this manufacturer. There are more than 6 models to choose from. Each has a special locking mechanism to make sure the net stays in place throughout the entire game.

The tables from Stiga are collapsible. This allows easy storage when it is not being used. Some of the models are available for only indoor or outdoor use but those who may play in the garage or backyard may order a multi-purpose unit.

Sometimes it is hard to keep score even during practice. This is the reason that the customer can even get a miniature scoreboard.

Stiga also has other accessories that are worth looking at. These include the bag to hold the paddle and a bigger version to hold a towel, an extra shirt and other things that the person will like to put during the practice or in a match.

Since the rubber of the paddle needs to be replaced due to wear and tear, the manufacturer also has cleaning materials to help clean the surface and speed glue to stick the new one.

Stiga does not only make equipment for the table tennis player. It also offers shoes, caps, headbands, tops and bottoms. These come in various designs and colors so that the person can be dressed and fully equipped to handle the competition in and out of the court.

The player can check out the sporting goods store to see if there are any Stiga products. If the customer only finds other brands such as Butterfly, Donic or Yasaka, probably the best thing to do will be to check online.

The player can visit the manufacturer’s website to place an order so that it can be processed and delivered in a few days. There will be an extra charge for tax and shipping costs that the customer should be ready to shoulder.

Some of the accessories may come much faster than the others. The most important thing is the paddle so the person can just use the rest when these are delivered. For the mean time, the player should just wear some close clothing and reliable rubber shoes to start learning the basics of the game.

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