Indoor Basketball Hoops

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Shooting hoops is a great way to have fun and stay active–as long as the weather cooperates. Indoor basketball hoops make it possible to have a quick game of One on One anytime, rain or shine.

Before shopping for an indoor basketball hoop, decide where it is going to be installed. If the hoop will go on a wall, it should have an opaque backboard. Transparent Plexiglas backboards can “disappear” into the wall and cause problems for the players. You should also consider the width of the backboard. Wider backboards allow better game play because the players can hit a wider array of bank shots.

Make sure you pay close attention to how the hoop is attached to the backboard. Hoops can be installed using a single piece of metal, or attached with a spring-loaded breakaway section. Players who like to dunk or hang on to the rim usually prefer to use the breakaway model.

Indoor hoops should be installed in a place where the court can be painted. If there isn’t enough space to paint a full court, then you should at least paint a free-throw line or half court. An indoor hoop without a clear throw line lacks purpose and is not much fun.

It is possible to mount an indoor hoop in the center of a hall. This arrangement provides more moving space to players, allowing them to run around the pole after dunking or scoring a point. There is less danger of crashing into a wall while throwing a practice ball on the run, or by leaping to score a point from a position close to the hoop.

Both portable and in-ground systems can be considered as options for mounting an indoor basketball hoops. The only drawback to using an in-ground system is that it becomes a permanent structure. The floor must be broken and replastered if the in-ground system needs to be removed or the position is changed. Portable systems are not limited in this way, as they can be easily relocated or removed.

The offset is the final consideration when choosing an indoor basketball hoop. This distance from the pole to the backboard defines the play area underneath the basket. Short offsets can be dangerous, especially in enclosed spaces. It is best to choose a hoop with an offset ranging from two to four feet.

An indoor basketball hoop is a great way to stay fit and have fun with your friends. The best part is you don’t need to wait until the sun shines to have fun on the court.

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