Viewing Common Wildlife Of Virginia Woodlands

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Have you ever gone for a walk in the woods, and met one of the residents of the woods? Wild animals in their natural environment have a charm, appeal, and beauty like nothing else. The residents of the woodlands of Virginia are no different.

One of the most loved inhabitants of woodlands in Virginia is the Whitetail Deer. In fact, Whitetail deer are also known as Virginia Deer. Their more common name refers to the white underside of their tails, which is visible when they are alarmed or running.

The best times to see Whitetail Deer are in the morning and evening. Oftentimes just going for a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway at dusk will give you many opportunities to watch deer.

An even more common resident of the woods in Virginia, though perhaps less loved, is the Gray Squirrel. If you want to see squirrels, you should go to a hardwood forest that has plenty of mature oak or hickory trees growing in it. The best time of day to see squirrels is mid to late afternoon. The best months are September through November, but they are active year round.

Cottontail Rabbits are another animal who you may find in woodlands. Look for them in brushy areas, on the edge of clearings, and in small clearings. They can be very hard to spot, but try looking for their eyes. Their brown fur blends into the brush easily, but an experienced eye can pick out a blinking rabbit eye.

There are many other animals that live in the Virginia woods, such as Red Foxes, Raccoons, Turkey, and Bobcats, but they are generally much harder to find. Seeing one of these more elusive residents will require many hours of stalking, tracking, watching and waiting before you’re likely to see one. But whatever wildlife you’re out to see, you can enjoy the beauty of creation in the Virginia woodlands!

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