What You Need To Know About Fight Club Gyms For Kids

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Youngsters seem to think fight clubs as quite a fad. As a matter of fact, let’s not take ‘fight club’ in the terms of the underground, illegal contests posted so blatantly in some websites. No, actually due to its popularity, some gyms are catering to young boys and girls, forming legal fight clubs all under the supervision of trained adults and disciplining students in the art of fighting. These gyms are in fact filled with eager teens, ready to practice as well as contest in fights.

As such these gyms benefits youngsters greatly and they usually have trained coaches and masters who not only trains the pupils in the art of fighting but also make them aware of the dangers involved in unsupervised combats. It’s more of a disciplined area. Some combat master are known to have opened gyms, taking over run down locations, fitting it well with training arenas, lockers and exercise equipments and allowing the young ones to have contest matches under their supervision. Usually the trainings during the weekdays, say after school hours to accommodate the school schedules.

As a matter of fact youngsters seems to be attracted to these fight club gyms; the word ‘fight club’ itself catching them like a magnet and are really curious and eager about the fighting techniques. Usually these fight club gyms teaches the pupils that fighting is not for fun but is in fact an art. It teaches them not to misuse their talents on ugly brawls out in the streets for no apparent reason but respect the art of fighting. The fight club gym teaches grapple and wrestle and also training in mixed martial arts like jujitsu and kickboxing. The Brazilian jujitsu is a favorite.

One fight club gym in California also has a caged arena, kids love it especially. Though yes, its hexagonal structure surrounded by a flexible chain-link fence is padded protectively. The youngsters have the freedom to punch, jab, kick at each other, grapple for five-minute intervals, and repeatedly slamming against the sides of the cage, shaking the floor. It’s actually a no-holds-barred, but being under supervision, the youngsters contest never becomes an all-out brawling as its illegal. Normally the participants in this type of fights involve professionals only.

These fight club gyms are always packed with at least 15 to 20 students every day and it’s a great experience for them too. Experts teach them mental toughness and how to master the fear of failure. In fact a reputed international fight club of Saudi Arabia also teaches youngsters on similar principles of fighting. That learning comes either from winning or losing, but one learns more when we lose as we get to learn from mistakes. Also the gyms emphasize the importance of a stable training regimen, thereby encouraging a healthy lifestyle by coaching the club members in nutrition and exercise. Its one great way of disciplining and also teaching the youngsters about fighting!

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