Camping Family Fun In The Woods

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Camping is a lot of fun for people who enjoy the opportunity to spend some quieter moments in the woods. For individuals who are able to get away for a few days, the experience can be invigorating. The challenge of going without many routine life conveniences in itself can be gratifying to those who like to “rough it.” One of the greater challenges, however, is faced when the camping trip is accompanied by others who are not quite as exuberant.

Let’s suppose you have big plans for a long weekend in the woods. You take half a day off of work on Friday and intend to stay until Monday evening. This time, though, it’s a family trip. You are anxious to experience a few refreshing days of family time away from the city or suburbia, but your spouse has marginal interest and your children are easily bored. What do you do?

In order to realize the benefits of both competing needs (i.e. time away in the woods and happy family experience), you make some adjustments to accommodate the preferences of everyone.

You, for example, may be the energetic adventurer who would be more than content with a sleeping bag, clean water, and a hunting bow. Your wife, on the other hand, might enjoy walking in through the woods for a few hours, but at the end of the day prefer a warm bath in a hotel room. And for the kids, baseball and video games are their sources of fun. Trouble is brewing unless you plan ahead.

Though it will take some effort, you can meet at least a portion of the interests of each person.

So one of the keys to creating a win-win scenario concerns both how you approach the trip and what you bring.

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