Tarpons For Fly Fishing

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Most of the reasons we hear as to why people really love fly fishing as a hobby is because the mere excitement of catching a fish by using one’s very own effort, is just fulfilling! There are so many species of fish an angler can try to catch, regardless whether fly fishing is done in fresh or salt waters. With all choices that the fly fishers’ have, it is never considered a problem but it could get confusing in the process of just thinking about it

One of the species that have become so popular these days compared to others are called the Tarpons. These special species of fish can be found in the coastal areas and what makes them so unique and special aside from the fact that they can grow to a size of up to 8 feet is that, Tarpons have air bladders. Because of these bladders, they can breathe air whenever they are near the surface of the water which is something that other fish can’t do so easily or at all.

If you are up for a tarpon-fishing experience, visit the nearest coastal area from your place to make sure you enjoy a great tarpon-fishing experience. But don’t get your hopes too high. Similar to other quest for fishing, trying to catch a tarpon requires more than what you think should be done.

There is really no problem in spotting tarpons as long as you are looking in the right location since these types of swimmers are usually available all year round. But the best months to fish for them is during May up to June. So, to make sure that you’ll catch one, use fishing lures similar to the tarpons’ favorites. Although these types of fishes will most likely eat crabs, shrimps, mullets and even pinfishes, they also love to eat small flies. But the best type of lure you can use for them is the worm from the Eunicdae family called palolo or the somoan palolo worm.

Use your lures the best way you can because tarpons aren’t pleased easily. Be patient, as always, when catching a tarpon and no matter how you catch a tarpon, be it the hard or easy way, admire your work and have fun.

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