Kayak Tours

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When people think of “kayaking”, they tend to conjure up visions of chilly boaters taking on the frigid waters of the Great White North. In fact, kayaking is a popular sport across North America and throughout the Pacific.

Virtually anywhere you go in North or South America, there are kayak tours available. Some of the best kayak tours are found in tropical areas or on the ocean. Depending on your skill level, kayak tours can teach beginners the basic techniques of the sport, or can challenge even the most experienced athlete. When you book a kayak tour, expect to take part in a great adventure.

In popular tourist areas like Costa Rica, Florida, Belize and other tropical destinations, an abundance of kayak tours are available. These tours often incorporate other activities including:

* Leisure paddling

* Island exploration

* Snorkeling

* Scuba diving

* Swimming

* Fishing

These tours are guided by professional kayakers who can assist you with any problems you may have. Of course, these guides are familiar with the area and comfortable with their surroundings, so they may serve as excellent sightseeing tour guides as well.

Visit cities throughout Canada and the United States, and you will find more fantastic kayak touring opportunities. North American kayak tours can include sport and whitewater kayaking, or simply offer a relaxing paddle down a scenic river or across a quiet lake. Wherever tours are offered, lessons are generally also available for first-timers or those needed to brush up on their kayaking skills. Kayaking is a very easy sport to learn. In one day you can go from learning to kayak, to taking part in a great tour to test your new abilities.

Kayak tours are available wherever your travels take you. Even if you are not a skilled kayaker, or have never kayaked at all, you can still take part in a tour. Once you learn the sport you’ll fall in love with it; and because kayaking mixes so naturally with other sports, you can work it in to any vacation itinerary.

Search for kayak tours while planning your next vacation. There are dozens of options at many popular destinations. Book a kayak tour as part of your adventure, and treat your family to a day on the water they’ll never forget.

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