Try White Water Rafting West Virginia Style

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Famous rivers are not the only areas for rafting and ride the big rapids. You can find many areas that have just as fast and high moving rapids when you go white water rafting West Virginia style. Yes, even Virginia has some awesome river rapids with classification I to IV. The spectacular New River Gorge follows over fifty-three mile of fun rapid action and some relaxing time in between. This river gets the blood flowing and the excitement is magnificent.

You will find yourself resting between rapids and enjoying some relaxing times talking and listening to our guide talk about the areas and stopping at some areas of interest. This experience surely leaves you fulfilled and delighted. You will sit around the fire at night and share rafting stories and if this is your first time, you will hear some amazing white water rafting in West Virginia stories.

Shoot the upper river or the lower river; you cannot beat the ride or the scenery that awaits you. The ravishing waters will thrush you around and when you have a minute to think, you will find yourself with the most intense adrenaline rush ever. No one ever walks away from the West Virginia experience untouched. You experience nature in all it glory. The rapids are extraordinary, while the scenery is outstanding.

Some love the Beast of the East, the Gauley River, but the New River Gorge sometimes called the Grand Canyon of the east gives you fantastic views of the rock formations and the trees that grow up out of rivers banks. The white water rafting in West Virginia leaves you breathless and wanting more. Some even hang around for rock climbing and hiking, which also becomes another memorable experience. Nowhere else you go will ever offer an experience as this, these rapids are a one of a kind from the start to the finish. Now get out and enjoy some great white water rafting times with friends or family.

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