Iron Palm Part 11

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Continued from Iron Palm Q&A With Sigung Richard Clear Part 10

I teach a 2 day course on the 1 Hit Knockouts combined with scenario training to executives and business owners including their wives and family members. About a dozen graduates of the course have had to use the training in a real confrontation where it became physical. In every case the attacker was either knocked out or incapacitated in some form and in the case of one attack the attacker got their arm broke on first contact. I teach students to first get away if they can and then to put up a deterrent that most attackers respond to in exactly the manner we want which is for them to back off. We have had over 60 graduates of the course report that they were able to stop a violent encounter before it became physical by utilizing this aspect of the training. When the attacker physically attacks anyway and vastly out muscles and towers over the defender or when the attacker is one of several or more then the kind of force imparted through a 1 Hit Knockout/Iron Palm type strike is very justified. Once the attacker has been dropped or nullified then the student immediately discontinues and gets away as fast as possible in order to call the police from a position of safety. There is no being overly easy on an attack from a hardened criminal who is under the influence of drugs. It is a pipe dream to think someone can use a limited and rationed amount of force and come out ok. Use as much avoidance and deterrence as possible and when this fails due to an attacker’s determination to get you then drop them as soon as possible. As a side note for the socially and legally conscious readers out there I have taught the program to a number of attorneys who tell me this is the smartest judicial use of force they have seen while still physically fully protecting the law abiding person who is forced to defend themselves in a bad situation.

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