Deal Or No Deal Make A Good Deal With The Bank

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Imagine being a contestant on the popular game show Deal or No Deal. You are under a lot of stress and hoping you can win a million dollars. Your heart pounds each time you select a case to open. Then you hear the words that it is time to call the bank and get an offer. What would you do? Would you accept a guaranteed payment of tens of thousands of dollars? Or would you reject it and keep going for the million dollar jackpot?

Hopefully, well before you arrived at the television studio, you would have formulated a plan. So much of the action in Deal or No Deal depends on out and out luck based upon which case you select that it would probably be hard to stick with plan since you have no idea what type of scenario you would find yourself in.

Still, you could have some general guidelines to go by. If for no other reason, you could use them to judge whether the Deal or No Deal bank was making you a reasonable offer.

For instance, if there are nine cases left to open plus your original draw, then that gives you a total of 10 cases, so the odds of a particular dollar amount being in a particular case are 10%.

In addition to that, you can determine an estimated worth of each individual case. For example suppose you know that the three big prizes of one hundred thousand dollars, four hundred thousand dollars, and seven hundred fifty thousand dollars are inside those remaining 10 cases. We can take the 10% odds number we arrived at earlier and multiply that times each of the three big dollar amounts. Add those sums together and you get a number of $125,000. That number will give you an idea of where you stand in the game and how much the bank should offer you to sell out.

If you would ever be lucky enough to become a contestant on Deal or No Deal, you would certainly want to win as large a prize as possible, even if the million dollar pot didn’t go your way. If you know how to calculate your odds and the worth of the cases as shown above, then the chances of you making a good deal with the bank and walking away from the show with bigger winnings would be greatly improved.

Even if you never make it to Deal or No Deal yourself, if you know how to use the formulas above, it should make the game show more fun for you to watch. You will have a better understanding of the risks the contestants are taking and you can give them advice from the comfort of your armchair!

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