Odyssey Golf Putters Black Series

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The Odyssey company offers extensive lines of putters, and this article will describe one of their product lines, the Odyssey Black Series of putters.

The Odyssey Black Series consists of 3 putter head designs all of which take advantage of the design and technology features developed for this product line.

One feature used on all three models is a tungsten flange at the back of the putter head. This flange adds weight to the rear of the putter head and creates a low CG (center of gravity) which is deep in the club face. This feature helps to lift the ball slightly upon impact and get it rolling quicker. Since the golf ball actually is slightly nestled down into the grass of the putting green, hitting the putt initially with an upward angle helps get the ball rolling. In fact there is a short video on the Odyssey Black Series web site that shows a comparison between these clubs and another allegedly typical putter. The Black Series putter got the ball rolling about 1

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