Training With A Sparring Partner Punching Bag

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It isn’t always possible to have another person available for sparring whenever you are ready to work out. That is one of the reason sparring bags are necessary. But sometimes, even if another person is available, training can be better done on the bag.

Sparring partner punching bag training lets you focus on delivering your blows and honing your technique without the distraction of being on the defense from blows of a sparring partner.

Sparring partner punching bags come in several different styles and are made of varying material. Traditionally, heavy bags weighing around 100 pounds were hung from the ceiling for punching and kicking. The older the bags became, the harder they would get until it became almost like punching a rock.

Today, sparring partner punching bags are made with inflatable chambers or have inner cores filled with water. They can be in the traditional cylinder shape or be shaped like a person complete with arms and legs. The punching bags can hang from the ceiling, or rise up from the floor.

Which style to choose is a matter of personal preference combined with the purpose of the bag. In some instances it might be better to have a sparring partner punching bag that rises up from the floor and better simulates an actual person.

Whatever style you choose, the end result is the same, if helps you to train your punches and kicks. Of course, hitting a sparring partner punching bag isn’t exactly like the real thing since the bag doesn’t hit back, and it has limited movement. The old style punching bags in particular will barely move when kicked or punched.

The sparring partner punching bags do make excellent training tools for developing your kicking and punching skills in martial arts and boxing. It helps you to build endurance and develop powerful punches.

Striking the heavy bag serves to develop gross motor skills upon which other sparring techniques are built. In addition, the body’s reaction to the punch impact can strengthen muscular structure, toughen up your joints, and increase bone density.

There are a few precautions one needs to take when working with a sparring partner punching bag because injuries can occur and sometimes the injury in nonreversible and becomes a chronic condition. These injuries typically occur if you are training improperly, or training too intensely.

As an athlete, you know how important it is to allow your body to rest in between workouts to allow it to repair itself. So don’t train too hard or too frequently with the sparring partner punching bag or you might develop chronic injuries.

In addition to chronic type injuries, it is also possible to suffer an acute injury either because of improper technique or as the result of an accident. Injuries of this type include sprained ankles, broken bones, skin tears, and bruises.

Using a sparring partner punching bag to train on is hard work since you need to constantly push yourself to develop your skill. However, a punching bag can also serve the double purpose of being an outlet for boredom, and can be used in your leisure time as well. You may find it to be an enjoyable pastime to practice punching and kicking the bag even if you are not in training.

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