What Is A Sprint Triathlon

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The sprint triathlon is becoming more and more popular with each passing year. Many cities are hosting their own local events and charitable organizations are hosting many each year as well. The reason for this is simple. A sprint triathlon is a fun way to get people together in an event that is challenging but still do-able for most competitors.

The major difference between a sprint triathlon and its bigger brother is in the distances that are used for the various event components. Rather than a 6 mile run, the run may be only 3 miles. The same decrease in distance is usually applied to the other events (cycling and swimming) as well.

By decreasing the distances it is hoped that more people then come out and participate in the events, and that has proven to be true. As mentioned earlier, many cities are now hosting their own events and these are often attended by several hundred, if not thousands, of people.

But even with the decrease in distances, a person who wishes to participate in one of these fun events still needs to train for it. This can be a rather cumbersome because there simply are not that many people available who know the events inside and out and are locally available for training sessions. So what is a person to do?

Some easy and very affordable methods of sprint triathlon training can be found online. By choosing a vendor who specializes in these events and has the materials available that fit your needs, you can quickly learn the ins and outs of the various events you will be participating in and, hopefully, boost your overall performance level for each one. By having some expert guidance at the start, you can also avoid making costly or even dangerous mistakes. It does you little good to train for an event if you are only going to hurt yourself in the process.

When you look for an online source of information and guidance for this event, consider working with only those pros who have had years of experience in the sport. These are the people who can show you the best methods for getting started and for keeping on track as you move through the process. Try to find someone who has taken the time to design a program that is logical, organized, and affordable. You will also want to see about having a progress report or diary system so that you can personally track your progress. This will allow you to monitor your strong areas as well as identify your weak areas. Once you know where you are weak, you can begin to build in that area and, again, improve your overall success.

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