How To Have A Safe And Comfortable Sleep Inside Your Tent

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You’re addicted to camping but when cold weather steps in, you have to debate with yourself whether to endure the cold and the sleepless nights in the tent just to be able to do the thing you love most or be stuck in the house, feeling sad but comfortable in front of the fire place.

Fortunately, cold season does not have to mean bad camping experience anymore. There are ways you can do to ensure that you get yourself a safe and comfortable sleep inside your tent during a camping trip in cold weather.

One way to do just that is of course to bring the right kind of tent. Any experienced camper will tell you that winter camping tents are more suitable in giving you protection from the cold. You can also opt for four season camping tents which are great to be used all year round.

Aside from that you have to equip yourself with a reliable and cozy sleeping bag that offers thermal efficiency as well as insulation. This will be helpful in enabling you to easily doze off to dreamland after a while.

It is also very important that even though you have a sleeping bag, you place a barrier between you and the ground. You can place your sleeping bag or inflatable mattress on top of a foam sleeping pad which will give you utmost insulation.

Be sure to wear warm and comfortable clothing to sleep. Wearing jackets, sweatshirt, jogging pants, socks and hats will give you heat as you doze off to sleep. Drinking hot milk or chocolate before sleeping may also help. This will rid of your inner body chill and calm your senses as you go to sleep. Another thing you can do is to listen to soothing sounds and melodies that will easily lull you to a nice trip to dreamland.

Of course, don’t forget to heat up your tent. Bring a dependable and easy to use heater that is specifically designed to be used in enclosed areas. Such heater like those from Coleman which operates on clean-burning propane, are safe to be used inside your tent. The Coleman ProCat

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