Coleman Stoves 7 Tips On Caring And Cleaning

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Coleman stoves are more efficient and look more dazzling when it’s in clean, and in spick and span shape. Proper cleaning and caring for your Coleman stoves would ensure you that it stays in top shape, looking brand new and will reap you benefits including better fuel efficiency, control of flame and absence of rust and oxidization.

Here are some tips on caring and cleaning for your Coleman stoves to make sure they last a long time doing cooking service for you and your family.

First tip: Clean your stove every after use to avoid build-up on burners. When it’s not going to be used for some time, you should still clean it regularly. Wipe the surface of your camping stove with warm water and dishwashing soap. It is very important that you dry it completely before storing.

Second tip: For more thorough cleaning, especially after a boil-over, unscrew the burner rings and bowls to check if there are any fluid or food debris on the manifold. In case there is build-up, soap with dishwashing detergent diluted with warm water then rinse it with clean water.

Third tip: For worse case like heavy volumes of grease and dirt build-up inside the case or on the burners, it is a good idea to bring the stove to a car wash for high-pressurized washing. Turn the stove upside down after the clean up to ensure that there is no water residue inside the manifold that can cause for it to rust and disrupt the efficiency of the stove.

Fourth tip: Store your Coleman stove properly after cleaning. Place it inside a plastic bag and seal it so that spiders or other crawling insects that can block fuel and airflow will not be able to crawl their way through the stove. This is also important to keep it dry and prevent rusting of the parts..

Fifth tip: If you have a liquid fuel stove, it is important that you transfer as much fuel as possible from the fuel tank to the fuel can to avoid the build-up of on the fuel tube of the tank. This is necessary to avoid fuel build-up on the fuel tube which can restrict the flow of fuel to the generator and burner.

Sixth tip: Oil the pump cup on the tank’s pump plunger with machine oil at least two times every year to allow the cup to seal against the inside of pump barrel and keep the pump working smoothly.

Seventh tip: Read the manual of the stove carefully and follow all instructions for cleaning and caring.

Take care of your Coleman stove, needless to say, it is a worthy camping equipment investment.

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