Bikes And Your Life

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One look at the modern roads say it all. Inevitable traffic jams, smoke, noise, and air pollution are adamant, not to mention accidents left and right.

Cars take thousands of lives each day worldwide in automobile accidents. Some are results of driving under the influence of drugs or alcoholic beverages, while some are just too tired to be on the road. Instead of heading off to a place for some rest, the drivers will continue driving, so they are most likely prone to accidents.

Automobiles are also harmful to the environment. Cars leak liquids, and owners drive off without wiping the stain, leaving it for wildlife to taste. How many animals fall prey to these vehicles and become road kills in an instant?

Humanists, environmentalists, and animal lovers alike now have the solution for all the death, pollution, and killings. The answer comes with two wheels – bikes and how they can save your life.

Why You Should Start Using Bikes

No pollution is involved with cycling. It does not emit smoke, leak liquids, and is very quiet. Bikers also contribute to saving a space in a crowded parking lot as more than a dozen bicycles can fit in one slot of a car.

For pet lovers, you can tie your pet’s leash on your handlebar and pedal to an easy pace so that your furry friend can run beside you. It cuts out the work for you.

For your pockets, cycling can help you save more money. No insurance has to be paid annually, and no license is required. No fuel bills either as your bike will run to the speed of your pedaling. The maintenance costs about a quarter of what you spend on cars per annum, and a bicycle, once well taken care of, can last for years, if not decades.

In a crowded mall for instance, your bicycle can be parked anywhere. You don’t have to roam the parking area for agonizing minutes after minutes with the stress building up. You can just park it on one corner, secure it with your lock, and leave it to be ready for you until you’re done shopping.

How Your Health will Benefit from Using Bikes

According to a reliable source, a cyclist’s fitness level is equal to his health ten years ago. It can make you feel younger as you are still well in control of your limbs by the exercise, giving you power and building your stamina.

Irked by the way motorcycles pass by your car in the midst of a traffic jam during the rush hour? It can give you that same sense of power. Now, you can weave in and out of traffic, so you’ll reach your destination faster.

It also reduces the risk of heart disease as your heart is healthy and receives proper exercise. In addition, it builds up your muscle legs to give you more power and strength. If you’re a soccer player, then at least now you’ve got that strong kick you’ve always wanted.

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