Seven Ways To Avoid Identity Theft Via Your Credit Cards

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How to avoid identity theft is one topic that anyone who makes any kind of financial transaction – big or small – should be knowledgeable about. Your credit cards are often the grounds of identity theft. But since it is almost impossible not to have credit cards these days, heed the following tips instead to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft.

* One way to avoid identity theft is to never leave your credit card receipts at the ATM or gas station. This is a mistake that is easily and carelessly made by a lot of poeple. If you want to learn how to avoid identity theft, then you should know that the most experienced thieves might be able to use information contained in these receipts to make fraudulent transactions in your name. File all your documents properly! If you don’t want to keep your receipts, then destroy them properly before discarding them as a way to avoid identity theft.

* Did you know that 30% of identity theft cases are committed by someone you know? This is what the Federal Bureau of Investigation found out based on identity theft reports made to them. So another way to avoid identity theft is to NOT divulge personal information to a friend or co-worker that could be used without your knowledge and authorization.

* Sometimes, even the most secure of bank mailing lists can be the source of identity theft so opt out of these. Besides, the bank registry office is a good way of obtaining the information you might need anyway and that does not expose you to identity theft.

* Next, be very careful about where you place your bank account number or your security card number. You do not want to write this information down in your wallet because it could get stolen or place it on a check where anyone could have access to it. Don’t make it easy for identity thieves to steal your identity!

* Another way of avoiding identity theft is to never apply for credit cards over the Internet since it is much more secure if you go to the bank directly and apply for it there. Even spam email messages can be a source so delete these immediately from your Inbox.

* Another way to avoid identity theft is to never give out information over the phone and do not write down any passwords or PIN codes in places that could be accessed and seen by anyone. It is much better to remember these and use them only when necessary.

* Get a copy of your credit report. Your report will show all existing bank accounts, loans, and your financial transactions so it is wise to get a copy and scrutinize it. If you see anything out of the ordinary, take action right away!

Credit cards are handy tools in our day-to-day lives. Just ensure that you take the necessary precautions so they cannot be used as tools against you.

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