Road Traffic Accidents

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Regrettably, most of us will experience a road traffic accident at some time in our lives. If you are involved a road traffic accident, even if you are fortunate enough to not be injured, there is valuable advice you should follow including things that you should and shouldn’t do.

If you, a friend or a loved one is unfortunate enough to suffer a personal injury from a road traffic accident, you should consult a personal injury solicitor

Don’t Move!

If involved in a road traffic accident resulting in injury, or sizeable damage to your vehicle, don’t move from the scene of the accident until the police arrive and advise that you’re ok to leave. If you’re in any way unsure about the ‘quantum’ or amount of financial damage caused by an accident; take care of your actions as these can impact on any claim you make and affect any testimony you may have to make in court.

Seek Medical Help

Has someone been injured in the road traffic accident? Are you or anyone at the scene trained first aid? Then get them, or yourself to the injured immediately. Ensure that injured person isn’t moved. Instruct the nearest person to contact the police and report the accident. Giving details of who is injured, how many persons are involved so that suitable emergency help is dispatched. Do what you can to warn and divert oncoming traffic away from the accident using hazard lights and any warning triangles available.

Collect Information

Whether a road traffic accident, or any other type of accident, be sure to detail the following information about:

A. Any witnesses details including:

i) name ii) address iii) telephone number.

B. The other drivers details including:

i) name ii) address iii) insurance details iv) license plate and vehicle information

C. Location of the accident including:

i) where the accident happened ii) road conditions iii) speed limits iv) traffic signals v) weather & lighting conditions.

D. Police officers details including:

i) police officer’s number ii) an incident number iii) an accident report. The office should be happy to furnish you with this information.

E. Accident details including

i) how the accident occurred ii) direction of travel of the vehicles involved in the accident ii) what the cars were doing at the time of the collision.

Keep these notes safe as they may be required if you have to go to court.

Don’t admit liability

In many road traffic accidents liability may seem clear, but in the shock of the situation it’s safer not to admit liability. A number of factors which may have played a role in the accident may come to light after investigation which may lay the liability at the door of the other driver.

The only statements you have to make is to the police and no-one else as this may affect a testimony you may have to make at a future date. Only detail the facts to the police and they will assess the information at hand themselves in their report.

Seek Medical Attention

However minor you injury, to seek medical attention makes sense as a simple bruise may lead to internal bleeding for example if not checked out by a professional. Getting a handle on the severity of the injury at the time will also help you in any road traffic accident claim you may decide to put forward.

For example, if your injuries are not reported immediately the other driver may argue that the injuries sustained are not related to the accident and happened before or afterwards.

Typically, shock and adrenaline caused by any accident can hide the true symptoms of your accident

Be sure to give the medical practitioner as much information as possible about how you’re feeling as a result of the road traffic accident including:

i) loss of memory ii) headaches iii) blood or fluid in your ear iv) dizziness v) ringing in the ears vi) disorientation vii)nausea viii) confusion or other unusual physical or mental feelings

To prevent the onset of a concussion or other head and brain injuries do not avoid speaking to a medical practitioner or a doctor.


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