How To Increase Your Click Through Rate

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It’s amazing, the difference a higher click through rate (CTR) can have on your pay per click (PPC) campaign. Not only will you drive a lot more targeted traffic, but you also get better ad positioning for cheaper prices.

This means the difference between an online business that barely pulls its own wait and one that can allow you to retire early.

Think about it. The lifeblood of an internet business is targeted traffic.

Without it you can’t sell to anyone, because no one will ever see your site.

Don’t you want to maximize the number of targeted visitors that come through your site while minimizing cost and getting better placement? That’s what this article is going to show you. So let’s get started…

Make tightly target ad groups with extremely small keyword lists.

This allows you to use the specific keyword people type in within the text of your ad. Ads that use the exact keyword your customer types in will pull in massively higher click throughs than ads that don’t. While it’s more time consuming to write up specific ads for each keyword, it will pay rich dividends over time. The results are easily worth the extra effort.

Always have two different versions of every ad alternating.

This is called split testing. You’ll easily see which ads pull best when they compete with each other. (Be sure you modify your campaign settings to display ads evenly and as quickly as possible– this will help you implement testing faster.) After a fair amount of impressions (200+) you can easily pick out the lower converting ad. Delete it and write a new one, trying to out-do the higher converting ad. This is an easy process, which will constantly improving your CTR. Your competitors likely don’t take the time to split test. You will fly past them in a short amount of time with this strategy.

How to structure your ad for maximum results. Here’s how it’s done. The first line should contain the exact keyword the person typed in to the search engine.

The second line should contain a benefit your product/service will give them.

The third line says what the product is, and if possible include the keyword in this line as well.

This process first grabs attention by giving people the exact words they typed in, then entices them with a benefit, and finally tells them what the product is. Pretty simple, yet very effective.

By utilizing the steps outlined in this article, you’re guaranteed to quickly and easily increase your CTR by leaps and bounds. But remember, you need to consistently split test new ad combinations. This continuing evolution will soon make you invincible to your competition. Get started now and you’ll see results sooner than you think.

You must find a good niche in internet marketing, check the stats. Type your seed keyword for that niche into a keyword tool to find out how many searches it gets every month. It’s best to stay over 10,000 searches. (Obviously, the more the better.)

You then need to check to see if it’s overly competitive. Go to Google, Yahoo!, and MSN search engines. Type into the search in quotes “your seed keyword”. On the sidebar there should be a total number of search results.

With Google, it’s best to stay under 1,000,000 results. With Yahoo!, under 500,000. And with MSN, under 300,000. This will keep your competition at a minimum, and obviously, the less the better with these numbers. These figures are what I go by; however, you will get different recommendations from different internet marketers.

Once you find a niche that fits into the above criteria, type the keyword into Google and scan through the websites that come up. See what other people are selling, if there are people selling at all. You may find that there is so much free information, that it would be practically impossible to sell anything in it.

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