Excellent Customer Service

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With more and more people becoming stressed about lack of money as well as other problems, retail employees are ruder than ever to their customers. There are unfortunately very few who actually provide excellent customer services skills to all customers, and when they do, they need to be rewarded for their effort.

Providing optimal service to customer isn’t always an easy thing to do. Sometimes it’s plain difficult and nearly impossible to smile, period. Cashiers are people, too, and sometimes they may be experiencing personal problems or even illness that make it very difficult for them to remain friendly at all times, even if they’re normally a friendly person. Yet, there are some store workers who no matter what, are able to pull it off, and provide optimal service to each and every customer, just like the customer deserves. The employee could be suffering from a terrible toothache, just had a death in their family, or broken up with his or her significant other, yet they still manage to smile, acknowledge the customers as well as go out of their way to assist the customers in whatever way necessary. These employees certainly deserve recognition, because this isn’t something that is easily achieved.

Individuals who provide such great customer service are probably born naturals, and people-persons. It takes a special person to be able to handle the public and deal with all of the abuse that they may receive from certain customers. They encounter people from all walks of life, and these people aren’t always rationale or nice. Sure, some of the customers will be nice, pleasant, and easy to deal with. These friendly customers make it easier for the customer service rep to better deal with the nasty people that may enter the store. These nasty customers can be argumentative, demanding, and downright unreasonable. Any normal customer service rep would mistakenly retaliate against such rude customers, yet the special “super employees’ are able to effectively deal with this type of customer without losing their cool. They are able to expertly handle the person in such a way that the customer actually begins to feel guilty about their behavior, and may even apologize. This takes real talent, and should definitely be recognized. So, if you witness this type of employee, please bring it to the manager’s attention, because they deserve it.

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