How Do You Duplicate Your Mlm

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When you have enrolled in your MLM opportunity or your affiliate program, you expected to make money without too much effort and fast because you’ve been sold to it. You got excited in the first days or weeks and you already have put some of your dreams in it. Soon after, let say after few weeks, unfortunately reality falls back for most of us and you got to a point where discouragement reached your door faster than your initial excitment. What did happen to you? It’s not your fault!

Most affiliate programs train their members to pitch their personalized link right and left expecting and hoping it will grab someone’s attention, even to bug your friends and family. That’s how you call sale pitch. Nobody likes to be sold, I’ve been sold myself and I have never liked it.

What about the duplication aspect of your business? What about the training material provided with your MLM? How to train your downline? Once you enroll a new member, what do you do with him or her? How can you help your new members? Ask yourself, what can I do myself since I’m enrolled?

A lot of MLM or affiliate programs on the Internet are limited in the training material and the tools provided to use for advertising. That’s how Pay It Forward 4 Profits (PIF4P) comes in this way. PIF4P is a franchise system that is designed to train and educate yourself first on how to advertise on the Internet, the biggest challenge for all of us. It’s a step-by-step system that trains you about your business by enrolling other PIF4P members and then to duplicate your efforts. Remember how McDonald’s started more than 30 years ago. They had success – and still today – because it is a fully duplicatable system, step-by-step process but on a larger scale of course. PIF4P has exactly the same concept of duplication using the Internet.

People are not looking for a compensation plan, they are looking for information and education first. From my own experience and by surfing and enrolling with different affiliate programs, the home business industry desesperately needs education and training. That’s one of the main reason 95% of people fail – I failed too – with Internet home business, lack of education and training.

PIF4P provides the training, support, conference calls and material you need to succeed for free. It’s also designed to help you build your downline (new PIF4P members under you) for your MLM or affiliate programs. Imagine having hundred’s of PIF4P members under you, how much easier it is to simply present your MLM or primary program.

I have personaly tried all sort of things, loosing money, hit walls, buying expensive marketing material, etc. PIF4P has help me in my home business and it has been a significant turning point when I was just about to give up on my dreams. I have never came accross a program that offers so much information and education for free. Everything I need know now about Internet marketing comes from PIF4P. You can learn what I have learned too. You can do it.

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