Are You Destined To Succeed In The Business World

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The work at home industry is comprised of two types of people.

The first group want to work at home so they can wake late, work in their PJs, and watch their favorite soap. These people may have succeeded in the corporate world, or in a regular job. They may be university graduates. They are just looking for an easier way to live their lives.

These are societies adventurers. They are separated from the ‘lazy’ segment of society by the fact that they work much harder at making their ‘get rich easily’ schemes work than most CEOs work at making corporate America work.

These people are often seen as dreamers. Their motivation may to stay at home and raise the children, get out of the rat race, build multiple streams of income, start building wealth by investing, or to do a better job than their boss did. However, their drive is to succeed.

The second group are innovators.

Innovators come from two places. They may be part of the newly defined Indigo personality type. These people may, or may not be geniuses. They help others, and often self destruct because they were forced to fit into the 4 main personality types, living in a cubical, and forced to maintain the status quo.

The second type of Innovator may, or may not, be a genius. In fact, they probably have never been tested. They just know that they are trapped in the corporate world. They probably have not reached a level of success that challenges their capabilities – but one, or more, managers have launched their careers by stealing this innovator’s ideas. When there is a deadline, or problem, this innovator is forced to solve it – and they do.

Where to You Fit?

Women have a harder time determining where they fit in this scheme then men. A man works from home and he is left alone for most of the day. However, women are often expected to take on the housework, run errands, and stop working when the family arrives home at night.

I am mentioning this because these things must be addressed before the woman leaves the workforce. Statistics have proven that even a simple task like ‘throwing a load of laundry in’ can substantially tip the balance between success and failure.

Men have their own problems to face. The number one mistake they make is asking their wives to work as secretaries. Wives rarely have the skills, or motivation, needed to succeed. If they did, they’d be in the workforce. Do yourself a favor and either do your own paperwork – or hire a ‘real’ secretary – a skilled worker.

The odds are, if you see yourself in one of the top categories then you will make an excellent, and successful entrepreneur.

If you fit into the first category, then you probably do not have the management skills needed to succeed, but now that you are aware of that drawback, you can remedy it easily.

People who fit into the second category can easily succeed, but they may find themselves trying to diversify too much.

A good manager starts any endeavor by focusing on themselves first. Measure your own strengths and weaknesses and find a business that ‘fits’ your skills, drive, and personality.

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