Small Business Branding Practice

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Branding is a unique thing that can create business longevity for you. I am not saying that that is going to happen initially, those that have bad business practices, after a year or two, or even six months, they will soon become like that, they will wonder where their next sale is going to be. So hopefully they could even turn it around, if you are like that you are branding yourself that way, you can turn it around. It is probably harder to turn it around than if you had initially done that, but things could turn around through the same branding practices.

Other branding methods, you can brand yourself in the search engines. With some of these search engines the name like, pay per click king, you can have articles and sites up under those keywords, even pay per click ads and things of that sort, so when people look that up, they will see you. They find you there under that keyword name. Anything that you can think of, even with your offline marketing, even when you do newspaper ads, magazine ads, anything else offline, media, radio ads, tv ads, you can always put your branding in there, sign off throughout the process of doing that, you can refer to yourself as the pay per click king, then that becomes your branding.

So continue learning on this ever growing path for you to be successful in business, whether you already are successful you can become more successful than you already are. Never think you know everything, we do not know everything. we have been a student of marketing for many years and we will be a student of marketing for as long as we can, until we stop working. That is our branding, that is what we do and so we are always learning. Never think you know everything, always learn. The simple marketing formula is targeted traffic pointed towards a targeted sales page or landing page equals money or commissions. That is the online marketing formula in the simplest form.

Most people routinely mess up the left side and that is what we teach. Everybody wants the right side, the money, but they do not want to do the left side. If a person was going to go to college and be an accountant, it use to be that you could be an accountant just for four years of college. But it has gotten so competitive now you need at least a six year degree in accounting to be even competitive in the accounting industry. And so they spend six years learning their trade so they can actually make money in accounting. You do not have to spend that long online to learn this information, especially if you find the right mentors that will put you on the fast track.

You should always find the cream of the crop, this is what we do. We can go into any industry we want and get to the top of that industry because we find the cream of the crop in that industry and pay them whatever they want so that we can learn from them. It usually takes us six months in that industry to do that, and that is after paying people for their time to tell us the things that they know. Sometimes you pay for courses and the courses were garbage, but we never complained about it, we just said that is a person that we do not need to learn from. We just keep going forward until we found the cream of the crop.

The money that we spent on that is pennies compared to what we learned from the cream of the crop and continued to make large sums of money in that industry. That is what you need to do, find the cream of the crop. When you find the cream of the crop, pay that person whatever they want and learn everything you can from that person. Do not suck them dry overnight, then they might not teach you anything else. Let them teach you, let them do it over time and just learn everything you can from them. Most likely the information that they teach you, you will have to read, listen to, watch, whatever method they use to teach you, over and over again to get it correctly.

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