Multiple Streams Of Income And Mlm A Match Made In Heaven

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Multiple Streams of Income & MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)

In today’s world, there is more to making money than having a 9 to 5 job. A common term that is used all over is “multiple income streams,” which means that you have money coming to you from more than one source. This is a very big deal these days as people are on the lookout for ways to bring in extra money to counter the high cost of living in the world. Finding success with this kind of marketing can be very important if you wish to be successful in the world. Having a single source of income can be very dangerous as the well can run dry in a quick hurry and leave you with nothing. Following the times is important because there are things that you need to be doing if you are going to start generating the kind of income that you want without having to do a lot more work in the process. The generation of multiple income streams has nothing to do with getting a second job and really relates more to the business world that so many are joining then it does to the standard methods of earning.

Multiple income streams are directly related to MLM (multi-level marketing) and business. Actually, they are the concept upon which MLM is based in part. This means that you will need to have an understanding of the market and the MLM system to start with the multiple income generation that you need. So we should look at how the whole MLM system works to fully understand how the multiple income streams works.

The basis for MLM is the people that are doing the selling. The company does not do any kind of direct selling. They use only salespeople who have been recruited through a variety of ways and they are then paid based on the amount of products they sell. So let’s say they get a twenty five percent commission on all sales. So for every dollar they make twenty-five cents right? Well, instead of just selling the products the salesperson also sells the system that was used to sell the person that sold the product. Now, if they get twenty five percent of all sales this means that their sales have increased because they have someone selling the very same products under them. So, they get twenty five percent of that person’s twenty five percent.

This continues on as the network or levels of the market continue to grow. For each person that is selling under the original salesperson, they get a percentage of all commissions earned. This creates an unlimited number of income streams that are all leading back to the same person, who in turn leads back to the main company.

The basis for all of this is the fact that the more people that you get selling for you the better off you are. Instead of trying to hustle and sell enough products to make a living with the commission you get, you are building a unique sales staff that will continue to earn you income as they continue to bring in more people to sell.

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