Dreaming Of A Web Business Do You Have What It Takes

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After many months of worrying, searching, and procrastinating you finally decide to take the plunge. Are you ready for this?

Here’s what I found you absolutely need to start and run a successful small business on the Web.

Deceptively Simple

If you are reading this, you can obviously navigate on the Web. You also have a more than passing interest for the subject clearly stated in the title of this article.

Furthermore, I would be willing to bet that you can already use your personal computer to create written documents, such as emails, or a more elaborate document, such as your personal resume (curriculum vitae).

You may even be using your computer to do your budget, for all I know.

Intuitively, you know you will need a Web site to market your Web business. You believe that you should know something about how to build a Web site that will serve the purposes of the small business you are planning to start.

This is where most people hesitate, or even drop the idea of a business on the Web. They think they need to hire expensive web site creators, and Web designers, to do what they think they cannot achieve.

Some forge on blindly and fall for the many “easy solutions” that are constantly being offered on the Web. “Try our easy to use – free – templates, and just fill in the blanks. Presto! You have a Web site! Need content? No problem! Just subscribe to our free articles … blah…blah…blah”.

Yeah! Sure! But, will your Web site be a suitable marketing instrument for your business? Will it be an extension of yourself? Will it represent you, or someone else’s efforts?

How are you going to be able to tell? You know (deep down) that you ignore practically everything about how to use the Web technologies to

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