Internet Marketing A Fool With A Tool Is Still A Fool

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If you are a mediocre violinist and buy a Stradivarius violin, you will not become a better violinist. All you will do is waste the beautiful capabilities of a fine and rare musical tool and put it into ineffective use.

It’s the same thing in Internet Marketing. If you buy 100s of ads but have poor sales copy you will get no results. If you write and submit 100s of articles of poor quality and don’t have a specific objective you want them to achieve, you will get no results. If you buy the best optimization software available but don’t understand the principles and theory behind optimization, you will get no results. If you spend thousands of dollars on inferior business leads, questionable advice, and questionable “Get Rich Schemes”, you will get no results.

Internet Newbies get bombarded with all kinds of advice to generate traffic using tools like optimization, writing articles, pay per click, etc. One of the biggest mistakes they make is trying to do them all using the theory: “The more I do the better results I will get.” They use each of the tools suggested and use them ineffectively because they never mastered them. The result is: they get no results, they get discouraged, and they give up.

The principle to learn and apply is: It’s not how much you do, but how much you do well.

If you lack focus and try to do everything, you will work yourself into exhaustion doing all the wrong things. The best result is you wasted time, energy and money. The worst result is you lose credibility by distributing products and services that are of poor quality.

What’s the solution? Determine what your strengths are and use the tools that maximize those strengths. If you have a knack for writing, focus on writing blogs and articles to generate traffic. If you have sales skills, focus on writing short and catchy sales ads and bar ads. If you are a techie, focus on optimization. If you have none of the above skills but are a hard and disciplined worker, focus on getting links through link exchanges and forums. Remember, it’s not how much you do, its how much you do right.

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