Begin Your Own At Home Catering Business

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Cooking can be a hobby, a passion and a pure joy for some of us. If this sounds familiar you may be interested in beginning your own home run catering service. Catering is a huge home business opportunity. With requests for catering services for a wedding reception, birthday, reunion or even business dinners, there are clients available from the start. Beginning a catering business is really all about planning. Create a name, business plan, get your business license and get your equipment. Once you have these four areas under raps all that will be left is to advertise your service. Below each of these areas is discussed in more detail for a better understanding of each area.

Business Name

Your business name can be playful and fun or serious and sophisticated. Your business name says what you want it to about your business. A business name is similar to your attire. If you want to be thought of as a business professional you might wear a button up blouse with slacks or a suit. If you are more casual and fun loving you may dress in jeans or brightly colored t-shirts. Your business name is the same. An example of a sophisticated name would be Roberto’s Fine Catering Service. It gives a sense of seriousness and expertise. An example of a fun business name would be Aunt Fannie’s Fabulous Food Service. Fun and bubbling with personality, this caterer may be very appealing to a younger crowd. So depending on what you want your business name to reveal about your business is up to you.

Business Plan 101

Business plans do not have o have a hundred pages and be printed on fancy paper. A business plan needs to include your goals, your budget and information about who is evolved in your company. This document can be printed up in your home using software that can be purchased from your local office supply store.

Business License

By visiting your local licensing office or your local courthouse, you can pay a small annual fee that will allow you to run your home business,

Business Equipment

To rent or not to rent that is the question? You can begin your business by renting used restaurant equipment or spend a small fortune on new equipment. This is generally a choice based upon ones business budget. Either method will allow you to begin your home business. You can always choose to purchase each new piece throughout a period of time instead of all at once.

Once you have all of these areas in order you can focus on advertising. Get the word out about your business through flyers, brochures or business cards that can all be printed in your home office. When you are beginning your business you have to be cautious about where you spend your money. Saving here and there is a helpful key to success. Once you are up and running you will thanking your lucky stars that you jumped on the job opportunity of running your own home based catering business.

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