Using Viral Marketing To Draw An Endless Stream Of Targeted Traffic To Your Websites

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It has to be one of the most simple yet powerful internet marketing & branding tactics – viral marketing. Done right, it will draw laser targeted prospects to your websites & products. It will brand you as an expert in your niche. It will explode your list. And yes, it will do wonders for your bottom line too.

In this article we’ll explore viral marketing – what it is and how you can get viral today.

What Is Viral Marketing?

Simply, viral marketing involves giving away something of value to a targeted audience – and allowing others to do the same. Hence the free product (branded with your website details/name) spreads through the internet world, like a virus.

If your free product is valuable to the end user and is attractive enough for “authority sites” to promote, you may well find that you get a FLOOD of targeted visitors to your websites – without paying a cent.

Some Examples Of Viral Tools

Here are some potent ways of using viral marketing:

– Create a free eBook with solid content that attracts your target market like a magnet. Make sure that you really go overboard with providing superb information (or don’t even bother). Release the eBook to authority sites, forums and other places where you can submit viral eBooks. There are many places online that will let you do this (type in “submit free eBook” in Google and get your eBook out there to as many places as possible). You can easily create an eBook without even writing a word of content by using private label rights – compile the content into an eBook and make it viral. You can edit the PLR content with your own website/affiliate links. If you’re using this tactic try and make your eBook unique by adding your own content into the PLR version.

– Have software developed that solves a problem for your prospects and give it away. If you cannot develop software because of the expense or lack of knowledge then consider acquiring private label rights to existing software and rebranding it.

– Write articles & submit them to directories, ezines & authority sites. Articles remain one of the best ways of launching a viral campaign. Quality content is quickly picked up by hungry webmasters that may have tens of thousands of targeted prospects to showcase your articles in front of.

– There are several other strategies of getting viral traffic too – releasing master rights products, offering free memberships, blogging and videos to name a few.

Viral marketing has been one of the most essential marketing weapons for many successful entrepreneurs and companies alike. Hotmail owes its success to a ground-breaking viral marketing campaign.

Many gurus have also used this strategy to entice prospects with a free product and back-end sell to them – again and again.

It works. It’s free. Isn’t it about time you added viral marketing to your internet marketing strategy portfolio?

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