Hot Air Balloon Advertising Works

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Traditional advertising consists of tri-media meaning the television, radio and print. These mediums are still very powerful and effective but more and more marketing people are entertaining the idea of using non traditional advertising. This is mainly because traditional media is becoming so saturated and also becoming very expensive.

In order for your brand or message to get across, a marketer should make sure that the medium used is unique from the rest. Small brands on the other hand have no budget as big as established brands so there is the challenge to find not only unique mediums but mediums that will not cost so much money. This challenge has opened many new entrepreneurs to think of all sorts of non traditional advertising.

One of the hit non traditional advertising options is hot air balloon advertising. Hot air balloons used to be just decorations in air much like fireworks. Ingenious people of the olden times came up with ideas on how to use it as a recreational tool by making it possible for people to ride on it.

Now hot air balloon fairs are famous all over the world. Young and old people flock to these fairs to ride in these balloons or simply to marvel at the beautiful colors as they are launched into the air.

Entrepreneurs then noticed that hot air balloon has a potential to be a medium of advertising. A very keen observer will see the potential of hot air balloons when placed in any event. Hot air balloons can be designed. It has enough space for a logo and tagline. The most important thing is that it is visible to the naked eye even from afar.

It is especially nice to see a hot air balloon when it is the centerpiece of an event or is the centerpiece of any area for that matter. Hot air balloon advertising has to consider all these things to make sure that it will shine as a non traditional advertising medium.

Hot air balloon advertising maybe expensive but the mileage you get is exceptional. The traditional tri-media might even pick up your hot air balloon ad so even if you did not spend for any of those tri-media, there is a very big chance that you will see your ad in print or television or that you will hear your ad being talked about over the radio. In which case the budget you spent on the hot air balloon advertising will have a return of investment that is triple your original investment.

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