Myspace Profile Fun Add Ons

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Myspace is now ranking as one of the top websites on the Internet. In social networking, it is right at the top in the world. What is that which makes myspace so successful? I believe that the ways in which users can play with their profile is one of the reasons. A user can express his/her individuality on the profile in many different ways and it would not surprise me if shortly a competition is held for the best profile. Here are some lovely ideas to add to your profile.

Crazy Text Flash Banners-

In this, you are given four variables. Flash banner size, text color, background color and background effect. You can select your own for these four. One can create very imaginative and creative banners with different text messages and use it on the profile. The banner can also be used as a comment for friends.

Cool Clocks Generator-

You can design a lovely clock with this. Select your own color, the size and the text design. Get the code and paste the clock in your profile. The moving hands look lovely and you can change your clock color everyday to add fun. This brings more variation to your profile.

Photo Comments-

If you have your own photographs, this is one of the best options. Upload your photograph and write a suitable comment. You will get a code that can be used to paste this design in your profile. You can also use these personalized comments for your friends.

There are many more myspace profile add-ons that can be used to enhance your profile and add appeal. You can make your profile very inviting and attractive. With your imagination you can do wonders. Flash is one of the most popular formats in which you will get the profile add-ons. You can put most of them in your blogs also.

So, why not make your profile the best in the world?

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