Ezines As An Affiliate Revenue Generator

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Many business owners utilize ezines as a marketing tool that can assist customers in understanding more about the products they provide and how best to use those products. This is free information for the interested and how-tos for those who have actually made a purchase.

If you are an individual who is a part of an affiliate revenue sharing program you might do well to consider the use of an ezine in your marketing plan.

When you look at a magazine you find it provides a variety of sections appealing to a broad range of interests. The can be true of an ezine for use in an affiliate revenue marketing plan.


If you have more than one company you work with in affiliate revenue you can create ezine departments that run parallel to the products being sold.

For instance if you are an affiliate of a vitamin supplier you might include a section in your ezine dealing with health related issues. If you sell lawn ornaments as an affiliate you might also include a lawn and garden section. If you are an affiliate for custom auto parts you might consider either a travel section or a section on classic automobiles.

Once you’ve developed sections that work in concert with your ezine you will need to locate content. Of course you can always write the material yourself, but you may not have the time to develop all content for your ezine.

You can check with the company you are an affiliate for to see if they have any content you can use (many of them will). Then you can supplement with material used in free article directories.

With each article you should also include your affiliate revenue link for customers to get more information or to shop for the products being discussed. That is after all the purpose behind this type of ezine development.

Just as there are a growing number of affiliate revenue resources there are also a growing number of online tools that can assist you in delivering foot traffic to your affiliate sources. Your tracking link to the affiliate means that when you deliver foot traffic you ultimately wind up with the potential of increased commissions.

You should begin by developing strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies for your website that include original knowledge-based content that help you achieve the highest possible search engine ranking, but an ezine can help you maximize interest on several fronts as you market something more than products – trust.

The product or products you make available as an affiliate may change over time, but those who come to your site should have the assurance that you are eager to make only the highest quality offerings available. If this is how you conduct business you can expect trust to follow.

An ezine for those involved in affiliate revenue programs might take some work to assemble, but for many affiliates this course of action could be the one that helps them move forward faster in online sales.

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