How Can Being Nice To The Boss Help Your Career

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There is an old saying that goes like this, “You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar”. Being nice to your boss is a good way to test this theory. Everyone is always looking for a way to advance their career. Being nice to the boss can help bring that advancement.

Being respectful to the boss is sure to catch their attention. You don’t necessarily have to call them Mr. Jones or Mrs. Smith. First names are acceptable in most places of business. Answers such as “No Ma’am” and “Yes Sir” sound much better than “Yeah” and “Nay”. Manners always make a good impression.

Volunteer to take on special tasks. If your boss is looking for someone to tackle a problem or go the extra mile, be that person. Even if you don’t succeed, at least they will know that you tried. In taking on a difficult task, you may learn something, or have an idea how to make the situation better. Good ideas and increasing your knowledge are what bosses are looking at when contemplating raises and promotions.

Being on time makes a good impression on the boss. A person who is always late is going to be noticed and not in a good way. Occasional tardiness is understandable. You can’t help that there was a wreck in front of you or a flat tire. Employees need to know that they can depend on you.

Avoiding conflict with others in the work place and only involve the supervisor when there is no other solution to a situation. Be being able to solve problems in the office and not aggravating the boss with petty arguments, makes an impression on them. Knowing that you can get along with your co-workers, enables them to be available to solve larger problems.

Don’t be wasteful. Use the items provided to get the job done but don’t be excessive. Also, don’t take office items home. Additional expenditures are sure to catch the bosses’ eye when examining the budget. By bringing down expenses, his budget goes down. A decrease in the budget is recognized by higher management. This way the boss is recognized by his supervisors, and he knows who made that possible, and will appreciate you more.

Be complimentary and be sincere. Everyone likes to know that they have been noticed. The boss is no different. If you like their new shirt or if they handled a problem customer that you had, let them know. Complimenting your boss in front of his supervisor is a conversation stopper. This lets upper management know that you appreciate your boss.

Being nice to your boss will pay off in the long run. They say that nice guys finish last. Being nice to the boss will help ensure that that doesn’t happen to you.

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