Is Multitasking Hurting You

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Have you ever been working on your computer either at work or home? At the same time you are checking email, talking on the phone, and responding to a fax? Have you ever been talking on the phone, watching television, and eating supper at the same time? How many times do you switch from task to task during the day? How about during the year? Are you getting the results that you want from that task? Is multitasking hurting you? Or is multitasking helping you?

We get flooded everyday through the media saying either at work or home to double, triple, quadruple the number of tasks we perform at one time. We see advertisements on T.V., magazines, and billboards with people talking on the phone and doing something else at the same time. It is engrained in our heads to do two tasks at once today. We see it with business people, stay at home moms, workaholics, and even high school students.

Multitasking can actually be hurting you. You probably have heard this numerous times. You focus on one thing at a time and you get the best results. However, do you practice this? Why is multitasking hurting you?

1. Your brain becomes overloaded. Therefore you work less efficiently. You work less productive. People today actually work about 50 percent of their capacity.

2. It also increases stress and anxiety levels. Multitasking over and over month after month, year after year, will take a toll on your health. It can be very harmful. It can lead to multiple health issues. Is it worth to have a heart attack?

3. You lose focus and concentration. This in return leads to less productivity and efficiency. It is a downward spiral. You lose your pace. When you lose focus and concentration you lose results. You don’t get the best results with that task.

Multitasking is like an addiction. Start focusing on one task at a time. If that challenges you take an activity you like to do and focus on that. Take small steps each day. For instance take 10 minutes the first day, 15 minutes the second day, and so on and focus on one task at a time. Just taking small steps you will gain more focus, concentration, and results on what task you are doing at that time. Focusing on one task at a time will make a huge impact in your personal and business life.

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