How Directory Submissions Play An Important Role

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The Internet has opened a world of opportunities for your business. But the whole purpose of creating your website would stand defeated if your prospective customer does not view it. Content and layout of a website are less significant in comparison with purpose of its creation, i.e.: reaching out to the people it is meant for. Of the millions of sites that compete with you online, to present your website to your customer is a task by itself. Coming to your rescue in this regard are Search Engines and Directory Submissions.

Search Engines with all the popularity surrounding them are definitely useful, but Directory Submissions too have carved a niche for marketing on the net.

Web directories in simple words refer to a group of web pages that are manually categorized and arranged under relevant topics and sub-topics facilitating smooth browsing by the user towards his desired link. The keyword here is manual. Unlike a search engine that is automated to pick up links and display the programmed output, a web directory has the human touch. Any request to add a website to a directory is considered after looking into the quality of the site, appropriate title description and content for the category and sub-topic chosen. Hence the chances of mismatch between the user “need” and user “find” are minimized.

Procedural Simplicity is one the many positive factors associated with directory submission. By merely keying in basic information like URL, Title, Description and Key Phrases describing your site, your webpage can find its way to most directories. While directory submissions can be either free or paid, most sites offer both categories of free and paid directory listing. Another key advantage is that most directory submissions actually find their way to search engines. Tie-up between search engines and directory submissions combines the best of both worlds for your webpage. On the flip side is the time factor. A directory listing being a manual affair consumes time and effort. A free directory listing on any popular site may take anywhere between a few weeks to several months.

Customer/User benefit includes less complication as a quality database is smaller and crisper; a great deal of insignificant results carefully edited by the database manager. Time saved by the customer in finding his desired link would lead to future visits to the directory.

Being listed on any efficiently managed web directory, your website could attract a great deal of potential traffic resulting in improved website ranking, building and strengthening the vital links of your business.

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