Instant High Traffic Tactics Getting Thousands Of Genuine Backlinks To Your Site With Minimal Effort

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With the right tools at your disposal, it’s astonishing how many niche blogs it’s possible to set-up in virtually no time. Of course, you require quality PLR content, a bit of know-how and you need to be right on the money in finding ways to monetize your blogs (or, quite frankly, what’s the point)… but, once you have the above sorted, you can set-up blogs with almost alarming speed. By 11am your online dating blog’s up and running. By 1.30pm, your investment blog is done. Do a late night and you can even squeeze in two or three more before the day is done.

Then, you need to drive traffic to them. One of the most powerful ways to do this is through highly relevant backlinks on related blogs (further techniques are through posting articles to the directories & submitting to blog directories but we’ll visit those at another time). Backlinks are important because search engines LIKE them – a lot. The more of your blogs that link to related high traffic blogs, the better your chances of being well ranked with the major engines. And the more visitors you get.

What’s one of the best ways to get backlinks from related blogs? Comments! Leaving comments on blogs that are in the same broad niche as your own is a very powerful way of getting your own blog some of that lucrative search engine traffic that everyone loves. The more you do it, the better the results that you’ll see. In some instances, Google and the other major search engines will rank your blog very quickly if it sees this type of pedigree backlink.

Just one problem – it’s time consuming. So much so that it’s almost not worth doing manually. Why? Well imagine doing all this by yourself:

1. Finding a list of hundreds (or even thousands) of blogs that match your blogs main keywords/theme.

2. Post comments to each of those blogs individually making sure you leave a backlink to your own blog.

See what I mean? You’re talking about several hours and more there quite easily. The opportunity cost of that time is far too high – you could be working on product development, list building, seeking out joint ventures etc.

Is there a solution? You have two main options. First, have your own team of internet marketers (or hire a single person to work for you) and have them post comments to blogs on your behalf. This may sound like it’s not viable but you can probably hire someone to do this for you without paying them all that much. You may be able to find someone on sites like Elance. Alternatively you can get specialised software that enables you to post a comment automatically to blogs that closely match your own. This may be a better solution for the longer run.

Whichever way you go, you must create backlinks from your blog to other high ranked ones so that you can start enjoying the type of blog traffic that will convert into subscribers and sales.

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