The Winter Boat Show Season Is Red Hot

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It seems counterintuitive that winter is the best time of the year to buy a new boat or personal watercraft. But those who wait until late spring or summer to make their purchase often are disappointed to learn that the new vessel they want is sold out.

According to Bryan Seti, national marketing manager for Yamaha Motor Corp., this is because when it comes to buying a new boat or personal watercraft, shopping early gets the best deals.

“This past year, we sold out of our best-selling WaveRunners [personal watercrafts] before the July 4 weekend and our most affordable WaveRunner, the VX110, was nearly sold out in June,” Seti said. “It’s harder for consumers to find a deal when supply is that low.”

Seti says that buying a boat or personal watercraft at a winter boat show will guarantee that you find the boat you want because dealers are motivated to sell.

“Our dealers are receiving their 2006 orders now and those units take up a lot of space at the dealership,” said Seti. “Dealers tend to get motivated when they see a crowded sales floor.”

The nautical experts at offer the following tips to help you get prepared for a winter boat show:

* Plan your attack. Research boats and personal watercrafts before the show and map out the exhibits you want to visit. By preparing in advance, there’s less chance of being distracted.

* Take a day off. Plan your visit for a weekday, when shows are less crowded. This makes it easier to inspect boats and talk with manufacturers’ representatives and dealers.

* Stay focused. If you’re seriously shopping at the show, you may not want to bring the kids. Your full attention is needed when closing a deal.

* Think on your feet. Wear comfortable shoes that are easy to remove so you can climb aboard the exhibits. Your feet will thank you at the end of the day.

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