Trading Safety For Savings

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The recent rise in the price of commodities has affected the cost of medication and health care services. Prescription drugs are now more expensive than ever, and health insurance providers are changing their plan coverage so that it doesn’t cover for medication expenses anymore. This has left numerous consumers problematic as to how they are going to fill their prescription medication needs.

Thanks to modern Internet technology, online pharmacies have given senior citizens and other consumers having problems with the increasing cost of prescription drugs a more convenient solution with their predicament. Web-based discount prescription drugs pharmacy offer almost every prescription medicines available in the market at marked-down prices. It offers consumers huge amounts of savings not only from the discounted prices, but also from doctor’s consultation fees. The best part of using an Internet discount pharmacy is that you do not have to leave the comfort of your home just to buy your prescriptions. You can place your order on the online drugstore’s order form and just wait for your medications to be delivered straight to your doorstep.

Then there are some who choose to cross the border and buy their prescription drugs from other countries like Canada or Mexico. These countries sell premium prescription medications at relatively cheaper prices compared to drugstores within the United States. According to a recent price comparison study, prescription drugs were roughly sixty-four percent cheaper in Canada and Mexico than inside the US.

But with recent concerns of drug counterfeiting, people are starting to become skeptical about cheap prescription medicines. This skepticism is for good reason, for there have been reported cases of people receiving fake medications from online drugstores and foreign-based pharmacies. Here are some of the potential risks you expose yourself when buying medications from a discount prescription drug pharmacy:

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