Scabies What Should You Do Now

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Scabies can be a very itchy problem, one that can actually sneak up on you if you are not aware of where you have been sleeping or if you are not watching who you are coming into contact with during sports events. The disease, scabies is one that is a little bug, one that you can’t see with your eyes, but one that will make a noticeable impression on your body. The tiny bug often lives in areas that are moist and warm on your body, such as the arm pits, or the genital areas, but can spread anywhere over the body.

Scabies is something that is not going to go away without taking medication. Scabies is a type of critter that is going to make your itch, and it seems as though the more you itch, the more you become even itchier, as this will also spread the critters to other areas of your body.

How do you get scabies?

Scabies is most often spread by touching the skin, by sleeping closely together, or having sex with another person who have scabies. Scabies is not something you can get by sitting on the toilet, or by casually walking by another person. If you are treating someone who has scabies, be sure to wear gloves and wash your hands while putting cream on the other person’s body so you don’t risk getting the disease. Often times between the fingers and under the nails are another way that people will transmit scabies and not even realize it.

The skin problem that causes tiny red bumps, that do not go away, that look like a rash actually are little bugs that are living in the skin. These things can be killed by simply using the scabies cream, putting it over your body for fifteen minutes, and then taking a shower. Repeating this process in just a few days is recommended to kill anything that may have hatched on the body since the last time you did take the cream.

It is recommended that you wash all your clothes in hot, very hot water and dry them completely in the dryer. You should use a bleach spray if possible on the bedding that you sleep on, and turn the mattress, using the bleach spray on the opposite side as well.

It doesn’t take much to purchase the cream. In many of the online pharmacies, you don’t even need a prescription to get the medication. If you don’t have the medication, you will find it will spread, and you will find it very hard to ignore the itching on your body. Getting the cream is going to be the answer to solving this little problem. You don’t have to tell anyone you have this problem, unless you have had a sleep over, shared some clothing that you took off and someone put on right away or if you are having sexually relations with someone. Remember only the closest physical contact is going to spread this disease.

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