Worldwide Mobile Marketing Corp Goes International

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Miami, FL -January 04, 2007- Worldwide Mobile Marketing Corp. (WORLDWIDE) (Frankfurt Stock Exchange: WLJ and Pink Sheets: WMBM), a multi-faceted mobile media company offering innovative advertising through the use of specially designed vehicles and franchises as a medium for advertising message of its clients, is pleased to announce that it has completed an international franchise contract with the Agilent Group (AGILENT).

WORLDWIDE with their WAA Brand goes international. Mr. Tadele, owner of Agilent Group (AGILENT) an Advertising and Promotion firm in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia visited the USA to purchase the Master franchise rights for his country. An international Franchise contract was signed. The U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Specialist Philadelphia, helped to arrange the formal paperwork. The US Embassy in Addis Ababa was also involved in this transaction. Mr. Tadele is a veteran of the Advertising industry with more than two hundred clients in Ethiopia and years of working and marketing experience. AGILENT will be the first mobile advertising firm, who will offer the real time mobile ad technology to his clients in different areas in Ethiopia. Goal is to promote international AID’S campaigns throughout the country.

American and other international brands like products from Coca Cola to Nike, from GM Automobiles to Microsoft are on his client list. Mr. Tadele, will purchase a fleet of mobile Advertising Vehicles to start promotions.

Mr. Tadele with his international knows how and business experience is the perfect fit for both companies. WORLDWIDE and AGILENT are looking for a high impact in the mobile Advertising technology in Ethiopia and surrounding countries.


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