New Age Spirituality Morning Has Been All Night Coming Part 65

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“Yes, I remember now. Help is always there for us. We were not thrown into the cosmos as biological accidents. We’re children of our Creator with the power to alter creation itself. Yes, I know all these things, but sometimes I, too, become anxious and forget.”

“It’s easy to forget who you are. Fear, frustration, anger, doubt,greed, selfishness . . . these are the reasons for forgetting. Love, peace, joy, quietness, compassion, aloneness . . . these help you to remember; these help to reinforce your oneness with God and validate your existence and worth. People are so busy trying to make a living that they have no time to make a life.”

We had been walking all this time. The tranquillity and confidence of hours before had now returned. We stopped for a while to breathe in the freshness of the ocean air. The moon was full once again, and the roar of the waves joined with the rustling of the leaves to create a symphony more hypnotic than the mythical song of Ulysses’sirens.

We reversed our direction, back to where I was sitting when Marla first arrived. I reflected on what an evening it had been, as I glanced at Marla. How different were our worlds, I thought. How perfect or so near to perfection she was,a radiant mind and spirit in an alluring body. The moonlight bouncing off her flowing golden hair created myriad dancing stars around her head. It took little imagination to realize that one could easily fall in love with such a vision.

We had been quiet for some time, just enjoying the sights and sounds around us so, Marla’s voice startled me when she spoke. “I never could understand why human beings always ‘fall’ in love. How much better it would be if they would only ‘rise’ in love.”

“There you go reading my thoughts again, Marla,” I said with some embarrassment.

“I never do that. It’s not permitted to violate the privacy of others. Only under certain emergency conditions, and then only for their benefit, is it ever done,” she replied.

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