The Privilege Of Praise

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To praise someone is to extol, glorify or honor him/her. One definition that really sums it up for me is: “to go into raptures over.” I love that! Doesn’t that accurately describe a state of exuberance? Can you see yourself jumping up and down, screaming and laughing over some great feat your favorite team has performed or the prize you’ve won?

Privilege equals freedom. Being able to let go and shout and not be concerned about what you sound like or what impression you may be giving to others. You just don’t care because you are so happy and you just want to express it to those who deserve it. You may have had a difficult day or facing terrible circumstanced. But right at this moment you’re free and full of joy!

Isn’t that the way you are with God – every day – praising Him for all His goodness? Oh?? You mean you don’t get excited about Him every day? You don’t feel like praising because your husband/wife got up grumpy, the kids are screaming, and you have a humungous headache? Maybe you’re lying in a hospital bed in pain and anguish and praise is just not in your vocabulary.

Let me tell you a story that happened to me. My husband, Jack, who had just begun to rally from a coma, brain surgery, and a month-long stint in Intensive Care, suddenly experienced a drastic turn for the worst. The chain of events those eight hours had practically plunged me in despair. The whole ordeal had taken its toll on me and this was just about the last straw I could bear. How I got home that evening only God knows. My eyes were bloodshot from crying and I was ready to just curl up and have a pity party.

As I opened the front door I was greeted with Praise music! Here were my two daughters and their fianc

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