Buying Diamonds Online

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With all of the potential for scams concerning

diamonds, buying diamonds online almost

seems unthinkable! However, you actually

can purchase diamonds online, without any

problems – as long as you are careful.

First, think about your reasons for wanting to

purchase the diamond online, as opposed to

making a purchase from a local jewelry store.

The most common reason is price. Due to

low overhead costs, online jewelers and

wholesalers are able to offer lower prices.

However, you must be careful – sometimes

a price that is too low is a sure indication of

a scam.

One of the best things about purchasing

online is the unlimited selection. When

shopping offline, you are limited to the

selection in the stores in your general area.

Online, there are no limits. But again, you

must use a great deal of care and

consideration before handing your money

over to someone that you cannot see and

have never met!

Before shopping, learn as much as you can

about diamonds – especially cut, color,

clarity and carat weights. When you are

knowledgeable about diamonds, it will be

harder for a con artist to rip you off. Once

you know more about diamonds, you will be

ready to start shopping.

Take your time. Don’t purchase the first

diamond that you see that interests you.

Instead, look for similar diamonds for sale.

Do some comparison shopping to find the

lowest prices. Once you have found the

lowest price, start doing your investigation.

You know about diamonds, you’ve found a

diamond that you love, and you’ve found the

lowest price – but you are still quite a ways

away from actually purchasing that diamond!

Ask about the seller’s credentials, such as

professional jewelry associations that they

belong to. View and print the seller’s return,

refund, and upgrade policies. Also inquire

about additional services, such as settings

and mountings, sizing, and free shipping. Do

a search for customer reviews on this

particular company around the Internet. Also

check with the BBB Online to see if there have

been any complaints.

Ask for a diamond grading report from an

independent laboratory such as GIA, HRD,

EGL or AGS. You should see this before

making a purchase. Finally, use a reputable

escrow service for high dollar diamonds –

preferably one that will have the diamond

appraised while it is in their possession. The

seller sends the diamond to the escrow

service, and you send the money to pay for

the diamond to the escrow service. The

escrow service has the diamond appraised,

sends the diamond to you, and sends the

money to the seller. This is the surest way to

protect yourself…again, make sure that you

use a reputable escrow service!

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