Find The Right Pet Carrier To Fit Your And Your Pet S Lifestyle

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If you’re someone who is always on the go, the chances are good that there are times when you want to take your pet with you. Indeed, more people than ever before are bringing their furry and feathered friends along on car trips, camping trips, and even airplane trips. When you do, though, you want to make sure your lovable pet travels safely and in style. To help you find a pet carrier that fits your and your pet’s needs, here is an overview of what’s available:

Bicycle Pet Carriers

Bicycling is fun and great exercise. Whether you’re going to a nearby park or riding along a boardwalk, your pet will want to go along for a ride! Bicycle pet carriers come in two main styles: baskets and trailers. The best baskets weigh in a less than five pounds, and can comfortably accommodate pets weighing up to 13 pounds and standing up to 13 inches tall at the shoulders. Designed to sit on a bicycle’s handlebars, rip stop polyester baskets typically have sturdy carrying handles and a shoulder strap that can double as a leash. Baskets often have several cargo pockets to store your gear, and come with an adjustable safety harness and a high visibility reflector stripe.

It’s simply not safe to leash your pet to a bike, so a bicycle pet trailer is the perfect solution for taking your larger dog with you on your next ride. This type of pet travel carrier typically comes in two sizes, one for pets up to 45 pounds and another for pets up to 115 pounds. Pet trailers usually have zippered mesh “windows” and removable vinyl panels that you can adjust for the current weather conditions. With a wheel on each side, a pet trailer hooks to the rear wheel of the bicycle for a safe and fun trip.

Wheeled Pet Carriers

Whether you’re going for a neighborhood stroll or walking through an airport, you need a wheeled pet carrier or pet stroller. The main difference between a wheeled pet carrier and a pet stroller is that the carrier more closely resembles a mesh suitcase on wheels and the stroller resembles a baby stroller. Many carriers and strollers come in two or three sizes, with weight limits ranging from 8 pounds to 60 pounds. Some wheeled pet carriers are multi-purpose, and convert to car seats, backpacks, and pet beds. Others are suitable for carrying more than one pet at a time, which you might do for trips to the vet or to pet shows. These usually have two removable carriers that stack on top of one another in a stroller assembly.

Small Pet Carriers

Pet carriers for small animals like cats, rabbits, and ferrets allow you to keep your furry family member close to you. Best of all, small pet carriers come in a variety of styles, such as purses, backpacks and front packs.

Bird Travel Carriers

You no longer have to leave your feathered friend at home while you enjoy the great outdoors. With a bird travel carrier, you have an adventure pack that is easy to clean, comfortable to wear, and a snap to store.

With all of the terrific pet carriers on the market, there’s no reason to leave your best friend at home. Take him or her with you and create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime!

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