The Tales Of An Internet Newbie

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Four years ago, I know nothing about Computers and the Internet. Since during that time an ordinary person like me cannot afford to buy this machine. Thanks to the continues growth and advancement of technology and the arrival of Computer Surplus in my Country.

Internet had really done a lot of good things to my self. Most of my knowledge about Computers, I really gained through Internet. Although I took a two day seminar about computer assembly and software installation, it was the Internet who helped me familiarized a lot of stuff about computers.

It was through the Internet where I learned how to configure the Bios and install different kinds of operating system, install different kinds of computer parts and troubleshoot computer problems.So I don’t have to worry now fixing my own computer.

The Thieves on the Internet

Although Internet is source of good and relevant information, Internet is also lorded with a lot of crooked elements, The HACKERS AND THE SCAMMERS. I’ve been a victim of this two late last year while I’m looking for an online business opportunity.

I encountered this site 1worlddoublers .com. They are involved in monitoring and rating the Doublers Websites. Doublers are a kind of programs on the Internet wherein you’re going to invest money and they will double it in certain time. There is still hundreds of this kind sprawling all over the internet and most of this websites are run by scammers. There are also program owners who are honest, but this program never last long. Once they run out of new investors, you’ll lose your money. Some honest program owners will refund your investment but most will just vanish.

I was really new to Internet then and I know nothing about that Doublers program.Since I was on the list of, I received a daily email convincing me join their no.1 rated Doubler. They gave me instructions how to join and give me some strategies how could I earn big money with the Doublers . Due to my curiosity and my trust to the owners of I was convinced to invest in one of their then no.1 rated Doublers, the They said they will double my money in just 7 days. Through my credit card I bought 100$ worth of Intgold in invested it to this program. I’m eagerly waiting for the 7th day, but unfortunately on the fifth day the program folded up.

I ask if I could refund my money, they told me to write Intgold and ask for refund, but Intgold told me that the account of that program is already closed.

But it did not stop me there, I want my 100$ back. I bought again more than a hundred dollars worth of Intgold and invested it to several programs. Since one of the lesson I learned to minimize losing money is to diversify. I invested 50$ to it became 74$ in just 9 days. After receiving that amount from my Intgold account, I decided to transfer it to my E-gold account and invested to several Hyip programs. Hyip is a high yield investment program paying 1% to12% per day for your investment for a certain period. But like the Doublers, most of this Hyip programs are run by Scammers.

Unfortunately what was left now to my E-gold account is 6$. I may have lost more than a hundred dollars, but the lessons and experience is more than a hundred dollars worth.

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