Oriental Nc What S The Big Deal

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You may have heard of a little town on the North Carolina coast called Oriental. In fact, this little village calls themselves the sailing capital of North Carolina.

It would seem that that is not just idle talk either – Oriental boasts a boat to resident ratio of over 3 to 1. That’s 875 residents and over 2,700 boats.

But what draws people to Oriental? Here is an overview of why people, especially boaters and sailors, like Oriental so much.

1: Fine sailing. What may be rather obvious is that the number one attraction at Oriental is the fact that is offers such fine sailing. The Pamlico and Albemarle sounds and the Neuse river create a buffer that moderates the temperatures in Oriental – Winter is generally short and mild, and likewise summertime is not too harsh. Statistics in Sail Magazine indicate that Oriental has more sunny days, more water to sail in, and better winds than San Diego, California.

2: A Charming Town. Visitors to Oriental will find themselves in a cozy, friendly little seaside village. There are great places to walk, bike, or just sit and enjoy the scenery. In addition to all of the water surrounding this little town, you’ll find the scenery on land to be worthwhile, too. Many visitors especially enjoy the old homes on South Avenue.

3: Fishing. With a variety of salt, fresh and brackish water to try your luck in, Oriental is a great place to fish. You can fish from the bank, launch your boat, or hire a local guide to help you find the fish. No matter which way you choose to do it, there’s fishing enough for everyone in the little NC town!

As the Oriental NC website proudly advertises, you can visit their little town and sail, paddle, fish, eat…or just do nothin! It’s up to you!

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