Mom S Ideal Vacation A Dude Ranch

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Where can a mom go on vacation, spend quality time with her kids and her spouse — and still indulge in unique activities she enjoys? A Colorado dude ranch.

That may seem odd, especially if you think ranches are only about roping cattle, riding horses and campfire cooking. But most guest ranches today have more in common with world-class resorts than working cattle ranches.

Today’s Colorado dude and guest ranches offer moms and their families comfortable accommodations, gourmet meals that feature special children’s menus and well-trained wranglers who organize exciting programs for everyone.

“Colorado ranch owners say that moms consistently rank dude ranches as the best vacations they’ve ever had,” said Charles Henry, executive director of the Colorado Dude and Guest Ranch Association in Granby, Colo. “The big draw for moms is being able to spend time with their families and pursue their own interests, too, while ranch staff handle all the details. All of this adds up to a real break for them.”

Opportunities for quality family time abound at dude ranches, whether a mom wants to do something special with each child or keep the whole clan together. For example, the 34 ranches certified by the Colorado Dude and Guest Ranch Association offer everything from horseback riding, river rafting, swimming, fishing, hiking, tennis and mountain biking to crafts, photo workshops and hay rides.

Most also offer massages and hot tubs to soothe sore muscles. And when moms spot an activity they’d like to do on their own, wranglers are on hand to entertain the kids. Ranch staff members plan all of the meals and organize activities.

In addition, guest ranches provide personal touches that big hotels and resorts can’t match. Ranch owners and staff quickly get to know their guests’ preferences because they interact closely with them every day.

“Ranch owners take real pride in making sure their guests have a spectacular vacation,” Henry said.

Even with all the services and personal attention at dude ranches, moms can relax about the budget. Most guest ranches are all-inclusive, so lodging, meals and activities are covered in the weekly rates.

The only worry a mom will have on a Colorado guest ranch is how to take advantage of everything it has to offer. Now that’s a vacation!

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