Mounu Island Vavau Tonga

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A Romantic Honeymoon Package like no other could be Mounu Island Vavau Tonga. A South Pacific Honeymoon is very special, and Mounu is situated in one of the most beautiful areas of Tonga. It is small, only a 6.5 acre coral atoll, surrounded by shimmering white sand that your feet sink into and turquoise sea that is so clear you can see the fish, and a climate that means warm balmy nights almost all year round. Your romantic honeymoon package can help the environment as well because Mounu has been set up as an Eco Resort.

Mounu Island Resort consists of four fales, which are scattered around the atoll, each with its own private beach, and there is a Honeymoon suite, all with great verandas, and very comfortably furnished. Don’t worry about the composting toilets, they work extremely well, in fact better than some toilets on mainland deluxe hotels!!

Try to go in high season, between July and September, because of the absolute delight of whale watching, even swimming with the humpback whales, even just off the beach before breakfast!! What kind of romantic honeymoon package would that make!!

The meals are a delight, well cooked, well presented, and more than enough to eat, using local fresh fruits, home made breads, and of course wonderfully fresh fish, not forgetting the baked coconut. Their crayfish pasta dish is worth the trip alone. The freshest Tuna, Marlin, Wahoo, Coral Trout, Snapper and Lobster all feature on the menu.

Breakfasts are superb, and often made to order, either full English or crepes.

There is plenty to do on Mounu Island on your South Pacific Island vacation, what with swimming, fishing, snorkelling, whale watching, or just reading one of the library books and relaxing to the sound of the sea, and enjoying the beautiful scenery. It is worth giving a special mention to the snorkelling, which is absolutely superb only a few feet from the beach. It is like being in a gigantic tropical fish tank, with colours the like of which you are unlikely to see again.

This isn’t the place for the party animal who needs all the 5 star comforts and service, but it makes a perfect romantic honeymoon package, with the beach, the sea, no noise, no crowds. Having said that the owners are well worth taking the time to get to know and chat to, because it will make your evenings a lot of fun, just listening to them, and their tales of Tongan life.

All in all, Mounu Island has everything for the perfect romantic honeymoon package, a South Pacific Island Vacation with a difference, and just as ideal for the stressed out executive. Go for it.

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